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Academic Regulations, Policies & Procedures 2016/17 (ARPP)

A revised series of Academic Regulations, Policies and Procedures (ARPP) has been published for academic year 2016-17.

The series is presented in 11 sections as detailed in document 1A - Index. All forms, templates and flowcharts appear within each section underneath the relevant document (clearly referenced to the related document). An overview of the key changes and a more detailed summary of changes are available within Section 1 of the ARPP.

A small number of documents will be revised during 2016-17. Where this is the case, relevant documents within Section 1 will be updated as and when changes are made.

Any queries regarding individual documents should be discussed directly with the relevant document owners as detailed on the front page of each document.

1: Introduction & Index 

2: Awards & Curriculum

3: Admissions

          3.1: Admissions Regulations

          3.2: Admissions, Transfer & RPL Policies & Procedures

4: Programme Approval, Review & Modification

5: Framework Management, Monitoring & Student Feedback 

6: Assessment Regulations, Policies & Procedures

7: Partnerships

8: Research Degrees / Research

9: QAEG & Internal Peer Review/Audit

10: Committee Management & Records Retention

11: Student Appeals, Complaints & Conduct


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