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University Board oversees the strategic development of the University and ensures the effective use of resources and the general solvency of the institution.    


Executive committees support the work of the Vice-Chancellor in the management, organisation and direction of BU.  


University Executive Team



University Leadership Team


Programme Management Board


BU Central Admissions Team (BUCAT)

Dignity, Diversity and Equality Steering Group


Sustainability Strategy Group

Fair Access Agreement Management


Fair Trade Steering Group

Fees Board

Health and Safety Committee

Major Incident Group

Risk Management Group

Value for Money Steering Group

Faculty Executive Team Professional Services Exceutive Teams
Articles of Government Revised 2016.pdf
Instrument of Government Revised 2016.pdf
Meetings Schedule 2017-20 v3.pdf
Membership List 2017-18 v2.pdf
Scheme of Delegation FINAL approved Nov 2017.pdf
Statement of Primary Responsibilities approved Feb 2018.pdf
The Higher Education Code of Governance.pdf
University Committees Structure Chart - 26 Oct 2017.pdf
A. University Board, Senate and Committees Policy and Procedures 2016.pdf
A. Committee guidelines Jan 2018.pdf
Appendix 01. Actions Log Template .docx
Appendix 02. Agenda Template.doc
Appendix 03. Chair's Action Form .docx
Appendix 04. Chairs Notes Template .docx
Appendix 05. Committee Decision Log.xlsx
Appendix 06. Committee Summary Template .docx
Appendix 07. Committee Paper Cover sheet Template.docx
Appendix 08. Minutes Template .docx
Appendix 09. Minutes Cover sheet Template .docx
Appendix 10. Terms of Reference Template.doc
Appendix 11. Committee Meeting Timeline.pdf
Appendix 12. Committee Information Diagram.pdf
Appendix 13. Checklist.pdf
Appendix 14. Committee Member Information Form.docx
Appendix 15 - Paper Numbering Convention.pdf
How to Create and Edit Linked PDF Committee Documentation.pdf
Information on University Board members.
Provides support and advice on leadership, governance and management for universities.
The University's senior management.